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Location - Leeds & District

[21]Strawberry Road (Armley) (2 comments)
Strawberry Road6th September 1945. View of the Air Raid Warden's post on the corner of Strawberry Road and Barnet Mount. Children are playing further along the cobbled street.
[22]Cobourg Street (City Centre) (2 comments)
Cobourg Street25th November 1937. Photograph shows rows of Georgian terraced houses. The double fronted property that was number 2 Cobourg Street was the residence of Madame Jessup palmist, a notice is in downstairs window advertising this fact along with a notice stating Apartments. At number 4 Cobourg Street was the residence of John Haughton. Next door in residence were John & Elizabeth Robinson. This was on the edge of Little London but this street was later developed and renamed Merrion Way and is now considered City Centre.
[23]Quarry Hill Flats (Quarry Hill) (4 comments)
Quarry Hill Flats4th June 1952. Elevated view looking south-east down New York Road towards Quarry Hill Flats. Cars and lorries are on the road.
[24]Guiseley Wells, Well Lane, prior to restoration (Guiseley)
Guiseley Wells, Well Lane, prior to restoration1984. View of Guiseley Wells in Well Lane, taken in 1984 prior to restoration. It shows it overgrown with weeds and with broken paving stones. The plaque reads 'Guiseley Wells Around Which this Township Grew. This plaque presented by the Aireborough and Horsforth Museum Society, 1972.'
[25]Beech Grove Avenue (Garforth)
Beech Grove Avenuec early 1900s. Early 1900s image showing properties in Beech Grove Avenue. Beech Grove Avenue runs between Main Street and Strawberry Avenue. The terraced homes are built on two storeys with bay windows to the ground floor. Small gardens are enclosed by iron railings. Young children can be seen playing in the unmade road.
[26]Seamer Street no. 26 (Armley)
Seamer Street no. 2612th February 1964 View of Seamer Street showing the gable end of number 26. The house has been extended to the side elevation and alterations are being made to the perimeter wall.
[27]Pickering Street nos. 17 - 23, 26 (Armley) (1 comment)
Pickering Street nos. 17 - 23, 2612th February 1964 Red brick terraced housing in Pickering Street showing, from left to right, 17 to 23. Far right number 26 occupies the gable end. A stone set into the wall at first floor level is engraved with the name Lyndhurst.
[28]Aerial View, Seacroft Ring Road, Swarcliffe Drive (Swarcliffe) (22 comments)
Aerial View, Seacroft Ring Road, Swarcliffe Drive1964 In the bottom left corner of this view, the partially constructed Seacroft Ring road can be seen. Swarcliffe Drive runs from the top left corner towards the centre of the right edge, with Swarcliffe Avenue running from the middle of this road to the top right corner. Swarcliffe Primary School is visible towards the top of the view surrounded by playing fields and houses.
[29]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (69 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[30]Marsh Lane (Bank) (6 comments)
Marsh Lane14th January 1950. General view of the crossroads at New York Road and Marsh Lane. On the left is Quarry Hill Flats. Tracks and overhead cables for trams can be seen.
[31]Greenmount Street no. 23 (Holbeck)
Greenmount Street no. 2316th February 1948. View shows an air raid shelter in the front yard of number 23 on the south east side of Greenmount Street. A dustbin, brush and bucket are next to the shelter.
[32]Old Park, Richmond Street (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Old Park, Richmond Street25th September 1908. Richmond Street, Ellerby Road junction. Gates and railings of recreation ground known as the old park.
[33]Ivy Street No 264 (York Road) (16 comments)
Ivy Street No 2646th March 1936 View of Victoria Furniture Rooms on Ivy Street/York Road junction.
[34]Cobourg Street, nos. 2 - 10 (City Centre)
Cobourg Street, nos. 2 - 10Undated, Photo taken prior to demolition between 1952 and the early 1960s. Number 10 is the shop on the left, moving right numbers follow in sequence to 2 which is at the corner with Wade Lane.
[35]Greenmount Street no. 23 (Holbeck)
Greenmount Street no. 2316th February 1948. View looking along Greenmount Street with an air raid shelter in the front yard of number 23 on the south east side of the Street. A dustbin, brush and bucket are next to the shelter. Washing is hanging up in front of a house further down the street.
[36]Judson's Yard, off Cavalier Street (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Judson27th October 1911. View of Judson's Yard, situated off Cavalier Street, which is seen on the right. A group of children are gathered in front of outbuildings in the centre, with a few sitting on the top. A man, possibly a postman, is seen on the right. In the foreground is a cleared area where buildings have been demolished as part of the East Street Improvement scheme.
[37]Beeston Primary School (Beeston) (29 comments)
Beeston Primary SchoolUndated. View of Beeston Primary School (right of centre) located at the junction of Town Street and Crow Nest Lane. It was originally known as Beeston Council School before becoming Beeston County Primary School.
[38]Donkey Dyke sewer (Kirkstall)
Donkey Dyke sewer29th January 1954. View shows work in progress at Donkey Dyke sewer on Church Street near the junction with Abbey Road. The end of the road is cordoned off. Trucks and a ladder are visible. A man looks at the camera.
[39]Donkey Dyke sewer (Kirkstall)
Donkey Dyke sewer29th January 1954. View looking north east along Church Street with work in progress on Donkey Dyke sewer. Trucks from M. Harrison and Co. Ltd. and workmen are visible. A streetlamp is in the background.
[40]Middleton Primary School and Secondary Modern School, aerial view (Middleton) (65 comments)
Middleton Primary School and Secondary Modern School, aerial viewUndated. Aerial view of Middleton, centred on a square occupied by two schools. Middleton Primary is at the top while the school at the bottom was probably at the time (1960s?) Middleton County Secondary Modern, which was segregated into boys on the left and girls on the right. This school was later to become John Blenkinsop Middle. Playing fields in between were presumably shared by the schools. At the top of the square is Middleton Park Avenue, to the left Acre Road, right Throstle Lane and bottom Sissons Terrace. Below are houses on Sissons Crescent, crossed by Sissons View. More Sissons are on the left of the picture and Throstles on the right.