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Location - Leeds & District

[21]St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Secondary School, Leeds & Bradford Road (Bramley) (27 comments)
St. BenedictAugust 1990. View of St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Secondary School showing some of the classrooms and the top playgound. Steps lead down to the entrance into the school foyer. The school was built at a cost of £234,000 and was opened by the Bishop of Leeds, the Rt. Rev. William Gordon Wheeler on 12th July 1966. It was sited in a corner of 13 acres of ground, overlooking Kirkstall Abbey and Bramley Fall Woods. The three storey school is now demolished and housing with street names incorporating 'St. Benedict's' have been built on the site, which was on the Leeds and Bradford Road.
[22]Cross Flatts Park (Beeston) (3 comments)
Cross Flatts Park1900 Cross Flatts Park, which covered 44 acres of ground between Beeston Road and Dewsbury Road.
[23]County Arcade, Mecca Locarno (City Centre) (248 comments)
County Arcade, Mecca LocarnoUndated, Photo possibly dating from the early 1960s, looking from Cross Arcade into County Arcade to the front of the Mecca Locarno Ballroom. This dancehall had opened on 3rd November 1938. Mecca closed in 1969 (a new venue had been opened in 1964 in the Merrion Centre). It became The Stone in 1983 then a cafe in 1994. Notices outside give details of admission prices, varying from 2/6d early on Sunday evening (12.5p) to 6/- (30p) on Saturday nights. A special event is promoted on the round advertisement 'Midsummer Nights Dream Carnival, Wednesday 24th June, 3 bands, hats, balloons, novelties, competitions, 3/6d (17.5p). On the left edge is Vicker's gift shop, on the left of the Mecca is Greenwood's menswear business. Elster shoe shop is on the right, then Banks music in the window is on the right edge.
[24]Commercial Street at the junction with Lands Lane. (City Centre) (1 comment)
Commercial Street at the junction with Lands Lane.14th September 1982. View of Commercial Street, right, at the junction with Lands Lane, left. The area was pedestrianised in the 1970s. On the corner, left, is Collingwood Jewellers at numbers 8 and 9 Commercial Street. Barratts shoe shop is at the right edge, with a sale in progress, at numbers 36 to 38 Commercial Street. Shoes on the display outside are priced at 8,9,10 and 12 pounds. Next door is Foto Processing at number 39 followed by DER Television Rental and Beaverbrooks at numbers 40 and 41 respectively.
[25]Well Close Road nos. 32 - 38 (Little London) (3 comments)
Well Close Road nos. 32 - 3821st June 1967 View looks at back-to-back properties on the even numbered side of Well Close Road. Part of number 38 can be seen on the left edge, followed to the right by an outside toilet block then numbers 36 to 32. Included in slum clearance plans for the Little London area.
[26]Snow Clearance, Cookridge Lane (Cookridge) (5 comments)
Snow Clearance, Cookridge LaneFebruary 1947. The photograph is marked 'City of Leeds. Cookridge Lane looking towards Leeds. Snowfall commencing 2nd February 1947.' The heavy snowfall during the winter of 1947, was one of the worst on record. The depth of the snow can be seen here on Cookridge Lane. The water tower can be seen on the right. Tinshill Lane is just out of view on the right beyond the water tower.
[27]Club Lane nos. 44 - 48 (Rodley)
Club Lane nos. 44 - 488th February 1965 View shows a block of three back-to-back properties on Club Lane, numbers run from 44 to 48 left to right. these houses share a party wall with numbers 42 to 38 which face onto the road. A small boy is visible in the bottom right corner.
[28]St. James Street (City Centre)
St. James  Street17th June 1914. Viwe looking along St. James's Street. The junction with Sunny Bank Street can be seen to the right followed by the Isolation Block of Leeds General Infirmary, then the junction with Thoresby Street. The line of terrace houses is Portland Street, the cleared ground was previously Bentinck Street, Greens Yard and Portland Court. Large building slightly left of centre with two ornate gable spires is Oxford Place Chapel. The buildings to the right are part of Leeds General Infirmary.
[29]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (69 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[30]Tong Road, Percy Street (Wortley)
Tong Road, Percy Streetc.1975 View from Percy Street showing cleared are on Tong Road where the houses on Percy Street have already been cleared. A pick up truck and various cars are parked on the ground. Across the other side of Tong Road the junction with Whiteley Street is to the left. A shop can be seen at number 120 with Stan Gale betting shop, formerly a Thrift Store at number 118 and Chippendales outfitter at number 116.
[31]Leeds Corporation Baths, Joseph Street (Hunslet) (8 comments)
Leeds Corporation Baths, Joseph StreetUndated. Image shows Leeds Corporation Baths located in Joseph Street. The datestone on the front of the building is 1897 but the baths opened on 17th December 1898 and finally closed on 22nd December 1979.
[32]Methley Drive, Harrogate Road Junction (Chapel Allerton) (10 comments)
Methley Drive, Harrogate Road JunctionUndated, The north side terraced houses of Methley Drive. with two shops at the corner. No 1 Methley Drive is a greengrocers run by Mr Edwin Spink and no 19 Harrogate Road, a drapers run by Mrs Emily Walker. To the right of the shops can be seen the Chapeltown Council School built in 1878 by the Leeds Board it is still in use today as a Primary School. This picture is taken from the top corner of Montreal Parade taken in early 1900s.
[33]Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place (Hunslet) (23 comments)
Bewerley Street Infant School, seen from the rear in Kirkland Place4th June 1964 View showing the buildings and rear entrances of Bewerley Street Infant School. It was the first purpose built school to be erected by Leeds School Board and opened its doors to pupils on August 8th, 1873. It has classrooms with large, arched windows and behind the high wall, toilets are situated. By the 1950s, the school was for Juniors (7 – 11 Years), the Infants having moved to a school on Hunslet Hall Road.
[34]Aerial View, Holbeck Moor (Holbeck) (115 comments)
Aerial View, Holbeck Moor1963 Aerial view of Holbeck Moor district. Holbeck Moor Lane runs left to right across the centre with St Matthews Street/Top Moorside on the left. St Matthews Church is at the junction. In the centre are blocks of flats which were, with additional housing named after local worthies eg Hugh Gaitskell, Charles Jenkinson (Vicar of Holbeck and Labour councillor, responsible for building of Quarry Hill Flats). In the right foreground is Holbeck Moor.
[35]Ventnor Street, St Simon's Church of England School (Burley) (15 comments)
Ventnor Street, St Simon3rd November 1959 Ventnor Street was the last in the sequence of 'Alphabet' streets, St. Simon's Church was situated on Ventnor Street, opposite the Church of England school seen in this view.
[36]St. Joseph's School Rugby Team 1954-55, Goldthorpe Cup Winners (Hunslet) (1 comment)
St. Joseph1955. Image shows St. Joseph's R. C. School Rugby Team of 1954-55, proudly displaying the Goldthorpe Cup which they had won for the first time, beating Bewerley Street School in the final. The view was taken in the schoolyard, with the cloakrooms in the background. The school is situated on Joseph Street. Peter Jackson, who supplied the photograph, has named those in the picture as:- Top, from left: Mr. Halloran, Mallinson, Keane, Glynn, Wilson, McCarthy, Snee, Mr. Arnold; Middle, from left: Mr. King, O'Donnel(?) Wright, Gowland, Jackson, Smith, Mr. Shearon; Front, from left: Hazelwood, Duggan, Hezelgrave, Heenan.
[37]Selby Road (High Street), looking south-west. (Halton)
Selby Road (High Street), looking south-west.c1907. Looking south-west along Selby Road towards the Irwin Arms public house,(now a Lidl supermaret), seen from the junction with Chapel Street. This part of Selby Road is also known as High Street. Several people, including children, are seen on the street and two horses and carts are visible.
[38]Kirkstall Abbey (Kirkstall)
Kirkstall Abbey16th July 1929. View of Abbey walls and grounds. Benches can be seen with people seated on them.
[39]Club Lane nos. 18 - 22 (Rodley) (1 comment)
Club Lane nos. 18 - 228th February 1965 Stone built terraced cottages on CLub Lane. Number 22 is on the left with numbers 20 and 18 following to the ight. Windows have stone mullions. Many of these houses were originally occupied by hand loom weavers.
[40]Harrogate Road, postcard (Chapel Allerton)
Harrogate Road, postcardUndated. Postcard view of Harrogate Road showing the Mexborough Arms on the left. This public house had been known as The Bowling Green in the nineteenth century. In the 1920s a new Mexborough Arms was built to the side of it and this one was demolished. The new pub is now (2011) known as The Three Hulats. Further along, the terraced houses in the centre background are on Methley Drive. Two trams are seen on the road.