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Location - Leeds & District

[21]County Arcade (City Centre) (9 comments)
County ArcadeUndated. Photo possibly dating from the early 1960s, looking up County Arcade from Vicar Lane to Briggate. On the left is Cashdisia, a drapers shop which specialised is selling overalls, aprons and uniforms. A little further up the arcade a sign for Redmans grocers advertises shelled nuts; they also sold a large selection of dried fruits. On the right is Hudson Verity, optician, with Curtis Health Foods on the right edge. Towards the Briggate end of the arcade was the Doll's Hospital business of Smart and Son which was also a toyshop. Dolls and Teddy Bears were repaired and the shop was famous for giving loved toys a new lease of life. In the centre a sign can be seen for the Mecca Locarno Ballroom.
[22]St. Mark's Street, looking towards St. Mark's Church (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
St. Mark1970. View shows St. Mark's Street running north-east from Woodhouse Lane towards St. Mark's Road. The junction with Crossfield Street is on the left. In the background is St. Mark's Church. This was one of the 'Million' churches built after the Battle of Waterloo, when the government committed one million pounds for the building of new churches in the heavily populated urban areas. It opened in 1826 and cost £10,000. The church closed for services in 2001.
[23]Tempest Road, Holy Spirit Church Hall (Beeston) (6 comments)
Tempest Road, Holy Spirit Church Hall1989. View of Tempest Road showing the Church Hall of the Church of the Holy Spirit, at the junction with Maud Avenue. The building on the right is the Trinity Methodist Church. In the background is a shop at no.111 Lodge Lane, by the corner with Stratford Terrace, on which the terraced houses leading off in the centre are situated.
[24]Park Row, Bond Street, Marshall and Snelgrove (City Centre) (26 comments)
Park Row, Bond Street, Marshall and SnelgroveUndated. View shows the premises of Marshall and Snelgrove at the junction of Bond Street and Park Row. Founded in 1837, Marshall and Snelgrove sold a wide range of carpets, linoleum, soft furnishings and clothing. The building in view opened in 1870 with the upper storeys being added at a later date. The company later became part of the Debenhams Group with this building being replaced by Lloyds Bank in the 1970s.
[25]Bagnall Street no' s 28 - 32 (Hunslet)
Bagnall Street no20th December 1960 Image shows three back-to-back terraced houses each with a small private yard, ground floor entrance and cellar entrance with steps leading down from the yard. On the far left it is possible to see from marks on the side of number 32 where number 34 once stood. This and the adjoining property at the rear has been demolished and the site now used to park a car.
[26]Moor Grange County Secondary School, playing fields (West Park)
Moor Grange County Secondary School, playing fieldsc1973. View from the roof of Moor Grange County Secondary School showing the school playing fields. The view faces south-west and looks towards the A6120 Ring Road (Horsforth to West Park section) and West Park Motors Ltd. Across the sloping field are the Latchmere Estate on the left and the NCR (National Cash Registers) Building on the right.
[27]All Saints Church, York Road (Richmond Hill) (15 comments)
All Saints Church, York Road25th February 1980 This church was designed by Bradford architects James Mallinson and Thomas Healey. The foundation stone was laid in October 1846 by Dr Walter Hook, Vicar of Leeds from 1837. It was consecrated on All Saints Day in 1850. The parish had been created in 1847 serving 7,000 people who were mostly housed in the streets of back-to-back houses. In 1980 the old church was demolished and a replacement consecrated. On the left can be seen modern housing erected after slum clearance.
[28]Kirkstall Abbey, plan (Kirkstall)
Kirkstall Abbey, planUndated. Plan of Kirkstall Abbey.
[29]Barrowby Hall (Garforth) (8 comments)
Barrowby HallUndated. Aerial view looking north east over the Barrowby Hall Estate off Barrowby Lane. The area is surrounded by fields.
[30]Aerial View, Lawnswood High School (West Park) (15 comments)
Aerial View, Lawnswood High SchoolUndated, Two separate schools built on the one site, Boys Modern School first known as Leeds Modern and the Girls Modern School. They were known collectively as Lawnswood High School. They were part of a plan to create secondary schools in the Leeds suburbs. Built around 1926 at a cost of £120,000. A new school building has now been built and the old school demolished.
[31]Sheepscar Grove, no.9 (Sheepscar)
Sheepscar Grove, no.923rd October 1962 The fenced area to the right is part of the premises of J. Robinson and Sons Ltd, agricultural and dairy engineers. The business fronted onto Benson Street at number 12. A notice on the fence states that this is a licenced petrol store. Number 9 is the Goodyear Tyre Company. A Morris car is parked in the road.
[32]Can you Help? (Unknown) (14 comments)
Can you Help?1969. Image shows an unmade street with red brick terraced homes either side and lines of washing strung between. The houses have arched entrances with doors opening directly onto the pavement. The gaps between the blocks of properties are likely to house yards with outside toilets. In the background another street runs across the bottom with a shop in view. The house on the extreme right is numbered 21. Any help in identifying the location would be appreciated. Image courtesy of Eric Jaquier.
[33]Asket Hall (Oakwood) (3 comments)
Asket HallUndated. View looks across terraced gardens up to Asket Hall, a large stone-built property situated to the south of Wetherby Road. Balustraded staircases connect the separate garden levels.
[34]Dewsbury Road and Parkside Lane (Hunslet) (41 comments)
Dewsbury Road and Parkside LaneUndated. This view shows land east of Dewsbury Road near Parkside Lane. Looking across the Hunslet Cricket ground and the Hunslet Rugby League ground towards Old Run Road.
[35]Victory Celebration, Street Party Bonfire (Unknown) (3 comments)
Victory Celebration, Street Party Bonfire1945. Many of the street parties held to celebrate the end of the war had the excitement of a bonfire as darkness fell. After years of black-out restrictions a bonfire was a great delight to young and old. A large number of children and adults are gathered around this one, all singing along to the music of the accordian. A woman in the centre is holding a white jug which possibly had beer in it!
[36]Lands Lane (City Centre)
Lands Lane5th September 1898. property on Lands Lane prior to improvement. Notices on wall give details of company removal. Large number of children in Period dress. The Lands referred to in the street name were the fields belonging to the Lord of the Manor of Leeds.
[37]Can You Help? (Unknown) (2 comments)
Can You Help?1969. View shows an unidentified street of red-brick terraced houses, possibly in the Harehills or Woodhouse areas.
[38]Knife Grinder (Armley) (9 comments)
Knife GrinderUndated This image shows a knife grinder at work. Knife grinders travelled the streets offering to sharpen scissors, knives and shears in exchange for a few pence. They were a familiar part of everyday life but had virtually disappeared by the 1950s when knives and scissors had become much cheaper to replace. The elderly knife grinder seen here is operating a treadle with his foot which turns the big wheel which then turns the grindstone. He is wearing a bowler hat and cravat with a long overcoat.
[39]Kirkstall Road, tram no.113 (Burley) (12 comments)
Kirkstall Road, tram no.1131st April 1954. View of Kirkstall Road showing Chamberlain tram no. 113 travelling on route no. 4 towards Kirkstall Abbey. The railway viaduct is just visible in the distance on the left, as is the spire of St. Matthias Church. The junction with Ventnor Street can be seen on the right, with Ventnor Street Methodist Chapel on the corner. This is the area of the "alphabet" streets, a series of streets leading off Kirkstall Road beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Apart from Ventnor Street, and Wordsworth Street further along (the last one, as there was no X, Y or Z) they had all virtually gone by the time of this photograph. This area is now (2010) the site of the Yorkshire TV studios.
[40]Nineveh Crescent nos. 1 - 7 (Holbeck)
Nineveh Crescent nos. 1 - 710th November 1966 Odd numbered back-to-back houses on Nineveh Crescent seen from Nineveh Avenue which runs through to centre of the terrace. Numbers run from 1 to 7, left to right. Included in slum clearance plans for the Holbeck area.