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Location - Leeds & District

[21]Accommodation Road, nos. 5, 9, 11 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Accommodation Road, nos. 5, 9, 117th November 1938. To left, junction with Accommodation Court. View of brick properties both business and residential. Number 3 with men in doorway is J. Dickinson, fruit shop. Number 5, Dr. Maurice Sherwin. Numbers 9 to 11 Sam George Cooper, printer. There is a gap where property has been demolished then Spinners Arms public house, land lady Mrs Clara Pease. A pram is outside the doctors. A poster for Rowntree's Cocoa on the end wall.
[22]Shadwell Lane, Leeds Industrial School, aerial view (Moortown) (74 comments)
Shadwell Lane, Leeds Industrial School, aerial viewUndated. Aerial view of Shadwell Lane showing Leeds Industrial School for Boys, later Shadwell Children's Centre. Residential streets at the top include Linton Avenue, Linton Grove and Linton Crescent.
[23]Moorehouse Grove at the junction with Hill Street, nos. 5 - 13 (Burmantofts) (1 comment)
Moorehouse Grove at the junction with Hill Street, nos. 5 - 1330th October 1958, View of Moorehouse Grove at the junction with Hill Street looking down to Lincoln Road. From the left houses are numbered 5 to 13. The two shops on the corner fronting on to Hill Street are left, no 20 and right, no 18. Very old and faded lettering on the gable end advertises the sale of fireworks, hardware, glass, earthenware, china, paraffin and ironmongery.
[24]Can You Help? - Whingate Road area (Wortley)
Can You Help? - Whingate Road areaUndated. Photograph shows two small boys, Martin Bridge aged about 3 and Robert Bridge (who supplied the image) aged about 2, possibly taken on the corner of Whingate Road and Albany Street, but it may have been one of the other streets in that area. Can anyone confirm this?
[25]Commercial Road nos. 19 - 31 (Kirkstall) (7 comments)
Commercial Road nos. 19 - 31Undated, On the left is access to Sovereign Yard, next is the Royal Sovereign public house, this is 19 Commercial Road. Moving right 23 is a pork butchers, business of Arthur England. Next, 25 is May Totty, draper. A newsagents shop is at 27, then a grocers at 29/31. On the right is Club Row, a poster on the wall advertising Jubilee stout has the date 1959.
[26]Aerial View, Leeds City Station (City Centre)
Aerial View, Leeds City Station1962 This aerial view shows the centre of Leeds. On the left is Leeds City Station wih its mass of tracks and engine sheds with the River Aire running alongside. Wellington Street runs from the centre of the top edge to City Square, the focal point of this view. The square is overlooked by the Queens Hotel from the left and the Post Office Building from the right. From here, Boar Lane runs down towards the bottom edge bisected half way by Albion Street and New Station Street. In the top right corner is Park Square, with St Paul's House nearby.
[27]Pickering Street no. 27 (Armley) (2 comments)
Pickering Street no. 2719th February 1964 Looking down Pickering Street towards Canal Road. The main property in the photograph is number 27, built in an elevated position with a basement area and access beneath by way of a door at street level. Part of Backfield Mills can be seen rear, left.
[28]Colliery Fly-Line, off Aberford Road (Garforth)
Colliery Fly-Line, off Aberford RoadUndated. View shows a train on the Colliery Fly-Line, the single track railway built in the 1830s to carry coal from Garforth to Aberford. It is here conveying passengers; the carriage at the front is presumably full as more passengers are packed on to the flat truck behind.
[29]Accommodation Place, nos.2, 4 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Accommodation Place, nos.2, 4Undated Accommodation Place, on the left is a derelict house, then number 4, 2 is at the right end. This is the junction with Green Road. Property would be demolished as part of the Burmantofts clearance plan, photo taken in the mid 1950s.
[30]North Hill School, North Lane (Roundhay)
North Hill School, North Lanec1939-45. View shows North Hill School situated on North Lane opposite Foxglove Avenue. The headmistress of this private school at the time of the photograph was Miss Elsie Pomfret; the photo was sent as a Christmas card from her with the words "With love from Miss Pomfret". By around 1960 the school had been demolished and the flats of North Hill Close built on the site.
[31]Bridge End, drawing by Pete Lapish (City Centre)
Bridge End, drawing by Pete Lapishc1930. Pencil drawing by Pete Lapish intended to be the basis for a painting, but it was never painted in the end. It shows Bridge End seen from Meadow Lane, looking across Leeds Bridge over the River Aire, and beyond to Lower Briggate where the railway bridge crosses overhead. The spire of Holy Trinity Church is seen in the background. At the bottom left is Allans Ltd., house furnishers, at no. 24 Bridge End.
[32]Bridge End, Leeds Bridge (City Centre) (3 comments)
Bridge End, Leeds Bridge17th October 1945. Looking east at Leeds Bridge during repainting work. A boat with a ladder propped against the bridge is on the right. On the left, a man dangles on a hook ladder whilst painting. Warehouses and factories are on each side of the river.
[33]Queen Square (Little London) (1 comment)
Queen Square17th September 1999.This view shows a row of houses in Queen Square. The Civic Hall stands in the distance. Queen Square was planned by John and George Bischoff of Claypit House in 1803. The west side of the square and part of the north side were built by 1815. In 1822 the centre of the square was bought to be maintained as an ornamental garden. The properties are now part of Leeds Metropolitan University who invested £1 million in the refurbishment of property in the square. The square is one of only two Georgian squares in Leeds still in their original state.
[34]Park Lane nos. 209 - 225 (Burley)
Park Lane nos. 209 - 225Undated, Houses on Park Lane, photo taken in the late 1950s. To the left is the junction with Rutland Street, numbering begins here with 209. Moving right numbers follow in sequence to 225. The view to the left is looking towards West Street.
[35]Commercial Road no. 17 (Kirkstall) (6 comments)
Commercial Road no. 17Undated, On the left is 15 Commercial Road, a greengrocers shop run by C.W. Murgatroyd. Moving right, Hudson's Square then 17 Commercial Road which is a drapers, business of A and W Powell. Part of the Royal Sovereign public house can be seen on the right, facing onto Royal Sovereign Yard.
[36]Dartmouth Street nos. 85 & 87 (Rear) (Hunslet)
Dartmouth Street nos. 85 & 87 (Rear)15th July 1963. Image shows the rear entrances and gardens of two through terraced properties belonging to Newsam & Gott. The garden of No.85 on the right is well tended with tidy flower beds flanking the lawn and a circular flower bed in the centre.
[37]Chadwick Court, Off Bowman Lane (Hunslet)
Chadwick Court, Off Bowman Lane16th October 1935. Showing the entrance to the court from inside Chadwick Court. There are two buildings visible : a derelict house which adjoins a collapsed house. On the left is a one-storey building possibly a lavatory, or storage area. To the far left of the photo, the wheels of a wooden cart can just be seen. There are several children watching the photographer.
[38]Meanwood Road (Sheepscar)
Meanwood Road25th June 1955, View looking from Barrack Street along Meanwood Road. H Rayman, financier at 54 Meanwood Road is on the right. Advertising posters can be seen on cable end of building.
[39]Marsh Lane, Looking towards Brussels Street (Bank) (2 comments)
Marsh Lane, Looking towards Brussels Street1987. View from Marsh Lane looking towards Brussels Street. The tallest building towards the right is Leeds Parish Church District Boys Club, taken in 1987 shortly before it was demolished. The cleared area at the side of it is where flats have already been demolished. In the background, the railway viaduct can be seen.
[40]Chadwick Court, Off Bowman Lane (Hunslet)
Chadwick Court, Off Bowman Lane16th October 1935. Showing the entrance to the court and residential accomodation on one side of the street. There are three lines of washing hanging over the street and several people watching the photographer. In the foreground there is a delapidated building on the left next to the entrance to the court.