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Location - Leeds & District

[1]York Road, nos. 600-614 (Cross Gates) (14 comments)
York Road, nos. 600-61420th June 1921. View shows pre-fabricated houses on York Road, part of the Cross Gates Estate. The houses run from no. 614 on the left to 600 on the right. The clock tower of Seacroft Hospital is seen in background.
[2]New Briggate, nos. 16-24 (City Centre) (7 comments)
New Briggate, nos. 16-246th December 1979. View looking at the east side of New Briggate, showing numbers 16 to 24. On the left is Knobs and Knockers, followed by a vacant building, then Heel Bar shoe repairs, with the entrances to William Hill bookmakers and Brandons Club, and Whan Hai Chinese restaurant above. On the right is the Army and Navy Stores.
[3]Aerial View, Dewsbury Road (Beeston) (67 comments)
Aerial View, Dewsbury Road1963 Dewsbury Road begins here on the bottom left edge and curves round to the top right corner. The railway line can be seen to the left of the houses and flats which have just been built. These were to be named Parkwood Road. On the right, South Leeds Golf Course, with the Middleton/Beeston section of the Ring Road and Dewsbury Road came together at Tommy Wass's a large public house.
[4]Town Street, Children Playing (Bramley) (2 comments)
Town Street, Children PlayingUndated, View of a group of children playing in Bramley Town Street, including two girls, one pushing a pram, and a boy watching two others who are dressed in costumes made from cardboard boxes.
[5]Roundhay Road, Road widening scheme (Unknown) (1 comment)
Roundhay Road, Road widening scheme24th August 1921. View of workers working on road widening scheme on Roundhay Road.
[6]Smithfield Hotel (Leylands) (3 comments)
Smithfield Hotel15th April 1897. Smithfield Hotel numbered 94 North Street, landlord William Fawcett. The named derived from the fact that it was opposite the Smithfield meat market, the site of which became Lovell Park. The hotel closed in the early 1900s. Behind the hotel was the Smithfield iron works run by Thomas Green, they were established in the area in 1835, making a variety of machinery. They became famous for their mowing machines, vehicles for road making and street cleaning. When the hotel closed, Greens expanded into the site. Greens closed in the early 1970s. The facade of this building has been cleaned and restored. To the right is the junction with St. Thomas' Row.
[7]Roundhay - aerial view (Roundhay)
Roundhay - aerial viewUndated. Aerial view looking north-east towards the Roundhay and Gipton Wood areas. Over Roundhay Road towards the park and Waterloo Lake. Easterly Road, proposed course is on the right.
[8]Harrogate Road (Harewood) (1 comment)
Harrogate Roadc1900-1904. Image shows Harrogate Road, looking in the direction of Harrogate. The photographer is thought to be standing in front of the Harewood Arms public house. The small cottages heading off in the distance are now demolished, and modern houses have since been built in a crescent shape set back from the main road. The turning on the left off Harrogate Road is Church Lane.
[9]County Arcade, Mecca Locarno (City Centre) (241 comments)
County Arcade, Mecca LocarnoUndated, Photo possibly dating from the early 1960s, looking from Cross Arcade into County Arcade to the front of the Mecca Locarno Ballroom. This dancehall had opened on 3rd November 1938. Mecca closed in 1969 (a new venue had been opened in 1964 in the Merrion Centre). It became The Stone in 1983 then a cafe in 1994. Notices outside give details of admission prices, varying from 2/6d early on Sunday evening (12.5p) to 6/- (30p) on Saturday nights. A special event is promoted on the round advertisement 'Midsummer Nights Dream Carnival, Wednesday 24th June, 3 bands, hats, balloons, novelties, competitions, 3/6d (17.5p). On the left edge is Vicker's gift shop, on the left of the Mecca is Greenwood's menswear business. Elster shoe shop is on the right, then Banks music in the window is on the right edge.
[10]East Street, junction with Steander (Bank) (7 comments)
East Street, junction with Steander17th April 1905. View of East Street, on the right, by the junction with Steander. A notice for Frederick Dyson's Steander Foundry is seen on the wall of the building on the corner. This was situated further along Steander off the picture to the left. The area was scheduled for improvement and the buidings pictured were due to be demolished. Two workmen can be seen.
[11]Gledhow Valley Road (Gledhow)
Gledhow Valley Road4th July 1934. View of a sign on Gledhow Valley Road advertising the new Moor Allerton Hill Estate, developed by E. Fish, builder. Prices for a three bedroomed house are between £650 and £875.
[12]Garforth Bridge, Fitton's Garage (Garforth)
Garforth Bridge, FittonUndated. View of the garage of Chas. E. Fitton, situated at Garforth Bridge on the corner of Wakefield Road and Selby Road. The garage, opposite the Old George public house, was built from an old aircraft hangar.
[13]Churwell Hill, Elland Road (Churwell) (4 comments)
Churwell Hill, Elland Roadc1905. View looking up Churwell Hill, Elland Road, from its steepest point before the trams were installed. The photograph was taken by Richard Simpson, a photographer of Victoria Road. He was standing in Churwell Hill in the vicinity of William Street. A horse and cart waits outside the Old Fleece public house, left (the pub was demolished in 1934.) Churwell Town Hall with its tower is visible in the centre. Morris Yard is on the right. Many children are posing for the camera in the middle of the road. Research by Ronnie Barraclough. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[14]Leeds Road, Kippax (Kippax)
Leeds Road, KippaxUndated, Postcard view of Leeds Road, this area was called Cross Hills. On the left is the Primitive Methodist Chapel, built in 1867. It was demolished in 1969 for road improvements. The White Swan public house is to the right. Mary. L. Stephenson was landlady at the time.
[15]Appleyard of Leeds (Sheepscar) (54 comments)
Appleyard of Leeds31st May 1929. View of the premises of Appleyard of Leeds Ltd. at the junction of North Street with Sheepscar Street South. Shows car showroom, garage and petrol pumps. The company was started by John Ernest Appleyard who opened his first business on Park Row in 1919. The North Street garage opened in October 1927.
[16]Mushroom Street (Burmantofts)
Mushroom Street4th May 1939. Photograph of the corner of Mushroom Street at the junction with Cherry Row, showing the building which had been Parson's Bootmakers and the old Methodist Chapel. There is a telephone box on the corner and buildings on the corner of Peach Street and Cherry Row. There is a torn bill poster for a Leeds League match, Newtown.
[17]Headrow Shopping Centre, Interior, Lift (City Centre)
Headrow Shopping Centre, Interior, Lift1999 In the centre of this view is the green and gold decorated glass lift which links the ground floor food court of the Headrow Shopping Centre to the first and second floors. Brightly coloured banners hang from the ceiling with escalators just visible behind.
[18]Caravan encampment off Scott Hall Road (Unknown) (3 comments)
Caravan encampment off Scott Hall RoadJanuary 1955. Image shows a caravan encampment on snowy ground off Scott Hall Road. Three old Romany caravans or Vardos can be seen and also a square tent with a protruding chimney. Two women are chatting in front of the tent and to the right two men shake hands as they stand in a group next to one of the horses. The photograph was taken during the 'big freeze' of 1955.
[19]Armley Grove Place, showing demolished and soon-to-be-demolished streets (Armley) (2 comments)
Armley Grove Place, showing demolished and soon-to-be-demolished streetsOctober 1983. View from Armley Grove Place showing in the foreground a cleared area where terraced housing has recently been demolished and in the background further rows of housing which are due to be demolished shortly. These are, from left, Fitzarthur Street, Fearnley Street, Gledhow Street and Simpson Street. Middle Cross Street runs across in front of them.
[20]Cambridge Row (Chapeltown) (1 comment)
Cambridge Row2nd October 1953. A house and off license facing number 60 Chapeltown Road. Advertisements for Tetleys, Hey's Gold Cup and Guinness ales are on the shop. Number 60 is another off licence, selling Combe's Nut Brown Ale. A poster for the film 'Harvey' is in front.