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[41]East End Park, lake (Richmond Hill)
East End Park, lakec1908. Colour tinted postcard of East End Park, looking north across the lake towards the gardener's cottage. The area, then pit waste, was purchased by Leeds City Council in 1886, and the park and gardens created, along with the artificially created lake at the southern end of the park. Facilities such as bowling greens and tennis courts were also created. The lake area is now a children's playground, having been filled in around the early 1950s.
[42]East End Park, Victoria Avenue (Richmond Hill)
East End Park, Victoria Avenuec1910. Colour tinted postcard of East End Park, looking north up the tree-lined Victoria Avenue, which runs through the centre of the park. On the left can be seen the gardener's cottage, and on the right, the bandstand, with landscaped gardens in front. The area was purchased by Leeds City Council from the estate of sir Lancelot Iveson in 1886, after the liquidation of the Neville Hill Mining Company. The land, comprising pit waste, was landscaped and planted, and a lake created. The park also housed bowling greens, children's playgrounds, tennis courts and a putting green.
[43]St Hilda's School and Church (Cross Green)
St HildaUndated. View looks north towards St Hilda's church, vicarage and primary school, on Cross Green Lane. Knowsthorpe Crescent can be seen in front of the buildings. The church was consecrated in 1882, and is still a place of worship, although the vicarage is now used as offices. The school closed in the late 1980s, and was demolished soon afterwards. There were plans to build a masonic centre on the site, but this never took place.
[44]Victoria School, York Road (Richmond Hill)
Victoria School, York Roadc1992. Image shows Victoria County Primary School on York Road, and next to Raincliffe Road. The school was opened in 1904, and closed in July 1992. For 16 years up to 1999 it housed Mount St Mary's Roams Catholic Primary School. The old building was demolished in the mid 1990s, and the school is now housed in temporary buildings on the site.
[45]York Road, Greyhound Inn and Library (Richmond Hill)
York Road, Greyhound Inn and LibraryUndated. View shows York Road looking west, probably taken around the early 1900s. From the far left is Woodman Terrace, then the Greyhound Inn and Bath Street. Beyond that are a grocers and barbers shop, then the York Road Library and Baths. The side of the shop carries advertisements for Nestlé's Milk and Mother Shipton's Soap. The spire of All Saint's Church can be seen behind the library. The pub and shops were demolished around the late 1930s as part of slum clearance in the area.
[46]Yew Tree Inn, Ellerby Lane (Richmond Hill)
Yew Tree Inn, Ellerby LaneUndated. View shows the Yew Tree Inn at numbers 46-48 Ellerby Lane, opposite what is now sports fields, the streets previously there having been demolished by the 1970s. The inn was refurbished in 2005, but closed in 2015 and was demolished in 2018.
[47]Shop by Bridgefield Hotel (Cross Green)
Shop by Bridgefield HotelUndated. Image shows a couple, John and Annie Gough, at the door of their shop next to the Bridgefield Hotel, at the junction of Pontefract Lane and Cross Green Lane. The Bridgefield Hotel was built around the 1930s and was demolished in 2010.
[48]The Slip Inn, Interior (Richmond Hill)
The Slip Inn, InteriorUndated. Image shows the interior of the Slip Inn, previously the New Regent, on Temple View Road. It closed around 2010 and is now a supermarket and Post Office.
[49]The Shepherd, Pontefract Lane (Richmond Hill)
The Shepherd, Pontefract LaneUndated. View of the Shepherd Hotel on Pontefract Lane, near the junction with Lavender Walk, and opposite Devon Terrace. On the far right can be seen part of the building of the Princess Cinema, which closed in 1965 and now houses Princess Fisheries. The hotel building has been converted into holiday rental apartments, named 'The Shepherd'.
[50]Victoria Primary School, demolition (Richmond Hill)
Victoria Primary School, demolitionUndated. Image shows demolition underway on Victoria Primary School, at the junction of York Road and Raincliffe Road. Opening in 1904, the school closed in 1992 and was later demolished. The school now operates from temporary buildings on the site.
[51]The Slip Inn, Temple View Road (Richmond Hill)
The Slip Inn, Temple View RoadUndated Image shows the Slip Inn, previously known as the New Regent Hotel, at the junction of Temple View Road and Temple View Grove. It closed around 2010, and the building now houses a supermarket and Post Office. To the right can be seen the houses on Glendale Mount, and to the left, those on East Park View
[52]Quarry Hill Flats (City Centre)
Quarry Hill FlatsUndated. Image shows Appleyards petrol station in the centre of the roundabout at the bottom of Eastgate, with Quarry Hill Flats Oastler House dominating the background. The flats were built in the 1930s to house 3,000 people, but a string of problems led to their demolition in 1978. The petrol station re-opened as the Millennium Fountain in 2000, and now has a memorial to Leeds Victoria Cross recipient Arthur Aaron.
[53]St Saviour's Church, Ellerby Road (Richmond Hill)
St SaviourUndated. Image looks north west towards St Saviour's Church on Ellerby Road, the road signs on which can be seen in front of the church.The vicarage is visible on the right. The church was consecrated in 1845, with the tower being a later addition. It is likely the photo was taken from Sussex Street opposite the church, after the buildings on the north side of the road were demolished.
[54]Knowsthorpe New Hall Lodge (Knostrop)
Knowsthorpe New Hall LodgeUndated. Image shows the rounded building of the lodge at Knowsthope New Hall, at the corner of Knowsthorpe Lane where it turns sharply to the south, and south of the Old Hall. Knowsthorpe New Hall was built in the late nineteeth century by Abraham Rhodes and was also known as Knowsthorpe House. It was later owned by the Leather family, It was demolished around 1962 and there is now a concrete works on the site.
[55]The Hampton Public House (Richmond Hill)
The Hampton Public HouseUndated. View shows The Hampton public house on Long Close Lane, off Upper Accommodation Road, and at the junction with Hampton Terrace. In the mid 1970s some of the surrounding houses were demolished, but The Hampton was saved from demolition. It has now been converted to houses, and stands next to Hampton Crescent housing to the south, and Richmond Hill Community Centre to the north.
[56]Fisherman's Hut public house (Richmond Hill)
FishermanUndated. Image shows the Fisherman's Hut public house, at the junction of Cross Green lane and Ellerby Lane. It closed around 2006, and was used for a time as offices for developers working in the area. It is currently under development. A date of 1929 can be seen at the top of the building.
[57]Coronation Celebrations, Copperfield Avenue (Cross Green)
Coronation Celebrations, Copperfield Avenue2nd June 1953. View shows bunting across the street, and a giant crown, above Copperfield Avenue, off Cross Green Lane, during celebrations for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Houses on Copperfield View can be seen on the right.
[58]Cavalier Flats, Coronation Celebrations (Richmond Hill)
Cavalier Flats, Coronation Celebrations2nd June 1953. Image shows the flats at Cavalier House, between East Street and Bow Street, decorated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 1953. The flats were demolished after 1993 during road upgrading work on East street, but to keep the community that lived there together, the residents were re-housed in 36 new flats built less than a mile away on Easy Road.
[59]Cavalier public house, Morpeth Place (Richmond Hill)
Cavalier public house, Morpeth PlaceUndated. Image shows the Cavalier public house at Morpeth Place, Ellerby Road, next to St Saviour's Church, and opposite Mount St Mary's Catholic High School. The pub closed in late 2015, and was demolished some time before May 2018.
[60]Coronation Celebrations, 1953 (Cross Green)
Coronation Celebrations, 19532nd June 1953. Image shows a large model of a crown being pulled into place during preparations for the celebrations for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 2nd June 1953. The view look south-east to the junction with Copperfield View, and over fields towards Pontefract Lane. The lettering strung across the street probably reads "God Save The Queen".