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[21]Green Lane, Ouzlewell Green (Lofthouse)
Green Lane, Ouzlewell GreenUndated. Image shows Green Lane (previously Ouzlewell Green Lane), Lofthouse, near the juction with Ouzlewell Green and at the east end of Orchard Terrace. Workmen can be seen on the right, and on the left are newer detached houses, built in the 1950s and 1960s.
[22]Ledger Lane, off Leeds Road (Lofthouse)
Ledger Lane, off Leeds RoadUndated. View of Ledger Lane, Lofthouse, taken from Leeds Road, and looking north west. In the centre can be seen the Co-Operative store at number 12 Ledger Lane, and another shop at number 14, with Co-Operative Street between them. Terraced houses numbered 2-10 can be seen on the right, and numbers 16-24 on the left. Number 14, which bears the date AD 1902 is now a beauty salon, and the former Co-Op is now a house.
[23]Wood Lane Estate (Rothwell)
Wood Lane Estate1950s. Image shows the roofs being added to the newly-constructed houses on the Wood Lane estate to the north of Rothwell.
[24]Longthorpe Lane (Lofthouse)
Longthorpe LaneUndated. View from Longthorpe Lane, looking south. To the right can be seen the buildings of Rothwell Grammar School, in the centre a lane leading to the school, and on the left are the gardens of number 22 Longthorpe Lane.
[25]Infant Class, Carlton Primary School (Carlton)
Infant Class, Carlton Primary School1915. Image shows the infant class at Carlton Primary School, on Town Street, in 1915. The original school building is still in use at the school.
[26]Rothwell Grammar School, Longthorpe Lane (Lofthouse)
Rothwell Grammar School, Longthorpe LaneUndated. View of Rothwell Grammar School, built to the south of Longthorpe Lane in 1933. Edwin Robert Manley was the first headmaster, leading the school until 1965. The school later became a comprehensive, and in 2008 moved to a new £27 million building to the south of the old school, now demolished. It became Rodillian Academy in 2012.
[27]Ouzlewell Green (Lofthouse)
Ouzlewell GreenUndated. View of the road named Ouzlewell Green, near Lofthouse, possibly looking north. There are two vans in the road, and workmen by the telegraph poles, one of whom is working at the top of one of the poles.
[28]Haigh House, Rothwell Haigh (Rothwell)
Haigh House, Rothwell HaighUndated. View of the front entrance to Haigh House, to the west of Wakefield Road. The house was built by the Fenton family, who were coal mine and quarry owners. Haigh House entrance was the site of the first set of jaw bones in Rothwell, brought back by the family from America.
[29]New Houses, Ouzlewell Green (Lofthouse) (3 comments)
New Houses, Ouzlewell GreenLate 1950s. View shows new houses under construction, likely to be those on Greenmore Avenue, to the south of Ouzlewell Green Lane. An older row of terraced houses can be seen on the right, and in the foreground, preparation for more building is underway.
[30]Victoria Quarter, arcade (City Centre)
Victoria Quarter, arcade17th December 2015. View shows the Victoria Quarter arcade with festive decorations in place. To the right is Harvey Nichols department store while on the left is Whistles contemporary fashions.
[31]The Headrow, looking west (City Centre)
The Headrow, looking west17th December 2015. View looking west along The Headrow from near the junction with Albion Street. The Leeds Building Society is on the left, followed by Da Mario Italian restaurant and Subway. On the right is The Light complex which includes Vue Cinema as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. Leeds Town Hall is seen in the background.
[32]Fish Hole Yard, Carlton (Carlton) (1 comment)
Fish Hole Yard, CarltonUndated. Image shows houses in Fish Hole Yard, Carlton, to the south west of Rothwell. A woman can be seen standing in the doorway of one of the houses.
[33]Patrick Green, off Castle Gate (Lofthouse)
Patrick Green, off Castle GateUndated. View shows a row of terraced houses, known as Patrick Green, situated off Castle Gate, Lofthouse. The terrace is still in existence, although now the M62 motorway runs just north of Castle Gate.
[34]Cottage, Carlton Hall (Carlton)
Cottage, Carlton HallUndated. View shows a cottage in the grounds of Carlton Hall, at the junction of Chapel Street and Queen Street. Both the cottage and the hall have since been extensively modernised.
[35]Wood Lane Housing Estate (Rothwell)
Wood Lane Housing Estate1950s. Image shows the construction of houses on the Wood Lane estate to the north of Rothwell. The ground floors have been built, and men can be seen carrying hods of bricks up to the Bricklayers on the scaffolding.
[36]Wood Lane Housing Estate (Rothwell)
Wood Lane Housing Estate1950s. Bricklaying can be seen taking place during construction of the Wood Lane housing estate to the north of Rothwell. A brick is being thrown up to, or maybe down from, the man on the scaffolding. On the right can be seen terraced houses on Woodland Crescent, and houses on Wood Lane.
[37]Wood Lane Housing Estate - construction (Rothwell)
Wood Lane Housing Estate - construction1950s. Image shows work nearing completion on the Wood Lane housing estate, to the north of Rothwell, and west of Wood Lane.
[38]Carlton Hall Farmhouse (Carlton)
Carlton Hall FarmhouseUndated. View of Carlton Hall Farmhouse at the junction of Chapel Street & Queen Street, Carlton. The Grade II listed timber framed building dates to the 16th century, with stone cladding, and later, rendering. The building has been much altered over the years, and also bears a Blue Plaque as the birthplace of Thurston Hunt in 1555, beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1987.
[39]Albion Street, Carlton (Carlton)
Albion Street, CarltonUndated. Image shows Albion Street, also known locally as Duck Row, looking east. Swithens Farm can be seen at the top of the hill, along with the old workings from Swithens Pit, which closed in the late 1920s.
[40]Spibey Lane, terraces (Rothwell)
Spibey Lane, terracesUndated. View shows terraced back to back houses on the east side of Spibey Lane, Rothwell, opposite what is now Spibey Crescent. By 1958 the terrace had been demolished, and the area redeveloped with newer housing.