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[21]Low Lane, Woodside Roundabout (Horsforth)
Low Lane, Woodside RoundaboutUndated. Image looking along Low Lane towards the Woodside roundabout, where Low Lane crosses the Ring Road. The view looks south towards Hawksworth. On the right is no. 354 Low Lane.
[22]Low Lane, junction with Broadgate Lane (Horsforth)
Low Lane, junction with Broadgate LaneUndated. Image shows the junction of Low Lane and Broadgate Lane. The entrance to the Horsforth Woodside Bowling club is on the right. Behind this is the Woodside Court Flats. The shop on the far left was at one time the Post Office. Next to it is Head House hairdressers.
[23]Children's Day, Roundhay Park (Roundhay)
ChildrenUndated. View shows a gymnastics display during Children's Day at Roundhay park. The event is taking place on the sports arena to the north of Princes Avenue, and on the right can be seen Hill 60, named to commemorate Leeds soldiers who died in WW1 battles around Hill 60 in Ypres, Belgium.
[24]Red Walls Bridge, Pontefract Lane (Cross Green)
Red Walls Bridge, Pontefract LaneUndated. Image shows the bridge known as Red Walls Bridge, where Wyke Beck passes under Pontefract Lane. The bridge area has now been partially rebuilt with the upgrading of Pontefract lane to the A63, a major route into Leeds.
[25]Prospect Whit Walk 1956 (Richmond Hill)
Prospect Whit Walk 19561956. Image shows the Prospect Whit Walk passing the junction of Bertha Grove and Ada View, off Upper Accommodation Road. The walk took place on Whit Monday, the seventh after Easter, and was a race from East End Park, following a route which finished at the Prospect public house on Upper Accommodation Road. Pictured is the winner Fred Rotherforth, with boys running alongside and others cycling behind. On the right can be seen the corner shop of J. Bramham at number 3 Bertha Grove.
[26]Fruit & Vegetable Cart, Charlton Grove (Richmond Hill)
Fruit & Vegetable Cart, Charlton Grovec1920s. Pictured are Joseph and Alice Tebb with their fruit and vegetable cart in Charlton Grove, off East Park Road. The 1925 Trade Directory for Leeds lists Joseph Tebb, greengrocer, at 35 East Park Drive, near to where this photograph was taken. The slogan at the side of the cart reads "Quality is our motto".
[27]Fruit and Vegetable Stall, garden party (Richmond Hill)
Fruit and Vegetable Stall, garden partyUndated. Image shows a fruit and vegetable stall at a garden party in the grounds of Mount St Mary's Church, Richmond Hill. The men behind the stall are Tommy Nicholson, Andrew Malone, and Tommy O'Hearne. The sign behind announces them as 'Curly' Malone and 'Slim' Nicholson.
[28]Skelton Grange Power Station, construction (Stourton)
Skelton Grange Power Station, constructionUndated. Image shows a group of workers during construction work at Skelton Grange Power Station, possibly on the 'A' station, which was built in the late 1940s with two cooling towers. The 'B' station was built between 1955 and 1962, with the addition of four more towers, although one was demolished in the early 1980s. The power station was closed and dismantled around 1995, although the associated sub-station still remains.
[29]Clayton Grange, Filllingfir Drive (West Park) (1 comment)
Clayton Grange, Filllingfir Drive2014. Image shows Clayton Grange high-rise flats, situated on Fillingfir Drive. This view looks from the north-west.
[30]Low Lane, bowling green and Woodside Court (Horsforth)
Low Lane, bowling green and Woodside Court2010. View of the bowling green of Horsforth Woodside Bowling Club, situated on Low Lane. The large building in the background is Woodside Court flats while the terrace to the right is Lambert Terrace. Broadgate Lane is to the left.
[31]Low Lane, Oakford Terrace (Horsforth)
Low Lane, Oakford TerraceApril 2010. View of the track off Low Lane that leads to the Clayton Boarding Kennels. A terrace of houses known as Oakford Terrace is seen on the left.
[32]Clayton Grange, Filllingfir Drive (West Park)
Clayton Grange, Filllingfir Drive2014. Image shows Clayton Grange high-rise flats, situated on Fillingfir Drive. This view looks from the south-east.
[33]Low Lane, looking south-east (Horsforth) (1 comment)
Low Lane, looking south-eastUndated. View of Low Lane looking south-east, showing the Golden Bengal Indian restaurant on the left. This used to be a leatherwork shop in the 1970s and 1980s. On the right, the red building used to be a newsagents, owned by the Harrisons.
[34]Latchmere Drive, looking towards Old Farm Approach (West Park) (1 comment)
Latchmere Drive, looking towards Old Farm Approach2014. View looking south-east along Latchmere Drive towards Old Farm Approach. Houses numbered 145-161 Latchmere Drive can be seen on the left and 136-154 on the right. In the background, left, are the retirement flats of Linton Croft on Old Farm Approach, while the rear of a parade of shops on Butcher Hill can be seen in the centre background.
[35]Low Lane, looking north-west (Horsforth)
Low Lane, looking north-westApril 2010. View looking north-west along Low Lane. Springwood House is on the right; businesses located in this office block are the Hill Lawrence Group, building services and environmental consulting engineers, the Freight Transport Association, and Arcadis Terence E Dudley & Associates, consulting engineers. The junction with Springfield Mount is to the left, where Woodside Fisheries can be seen on the corner.
[36]Moor Grange Court, Butcher Hill (West Park)
Moor Grange Court, Butcher Hill2104. Image shows Moor Grange Court high-rise flats off Butcher Hill, seen from Fillingfir Walk, in the summer of 2014.
[37]Low Lane, looking south-east (Horsforth)
Low Lane, looking south-east2010. View looking south-east along Low Lane. Woodside Trading Estate is on the left and the junction with Springfield Gardens to the right.
[38]Low Lane, looking south-east (Horsforth)
Low Lane, looking south-eastApril 2010. View looking south-east along Low Lane showing the junction with Lickless Drive on the right.
[39]Moor Grange Court, Butcher Hill (West Park)
Moor Grange Court, Butcher HillAugust 2014. View shows the entrance to Moor Grange Court high-rise flats off Butcher Hill.
[40]Clayton Woods, remains of air raid shelters (Horsforth) (1 comment)
Clayton Woods, remains of air raid sheltersApril 2010. View of old air raid shelters situated in Clayton Woods. There are two old remnants of shelters, one is filled with water while the other is dry.