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Location - Leeds & District

[1]Hollin Lane, postcard (Headingley)
Hollin Lane, postcardc1907. Old view of Hollin Lane from a postcard sent on 24th August 1907.
[2]Town Hall, Roundhay Park and City Square, postcard (City Centre)
Town Hall, Roundhay Park and City Square, postcardc1907. Multi-view postcard of Leeds with a post date of 17th August 1907, showing views of the Town Hall, the Waterfall and Mansion at Roundhay Park, and City Square.
[3]Church Lane, postcard (Cross Gates)
Church Lane, postcardc1908. Old view of Church Lane, from a postcard posted on 12th October 1908.
[4]Beckett Street, postcard (Burmantofts)
Beckett Street, postcardUndated. Postcard view of Beckett Street from around the early 20th century, seen from just past the junction with Green Road. Shops visible include (from left) Charles E. Dightam, jeweller and watchmaker at number 37, Thomas Briggs, tobacconist and confectioner at 39, William Tebbs, dyer at number 41 and Thomas George, florist at 43. THe spire of St. John the Baptist Church on Robson Street is seen in the background.
[5]Cockshott Lane, looking north-east (Armley)
Cockshott Lane, looking north-eastUndated. Postcard view of Cockshott Lane looking north-east, possibly taken around 1935-36. The junction with Wyther Park Mount is on the left, with the nearest house visible being numbered 2 Wyther Park Mount; numbers then follow in ascending order from 11 Cockshott Lane.
[6]Green Hill Road, looking north-west (Armley) (1 comment)
Green Hill Road, looking north-westUndated. Postcard view looking north-west down Green Hill Road. The junction with Armley Grange Mount is on the right and St Mary's Hospital is beyond the fence on the left. Visible in the distance is the Church of the Venerable Bede.
[7]Can You Help: A. Woodcock, fruiterer and florist (Unknown) (1 comment)
Can You Help: A. Woodcock, fruiterer and floristUndated. View shows the shop of A. Woodcock, fruiterer and florist, but we are unsure of the location. Members of the Woodcock family lived in Rothwell in the early part of the 20th century and some later moved to the Woodhouse and Burley areas.
[8]Lennox Terrace, Woodcock Family (Burley) (1 comment)
Lennox Terrace, Woodcock FamilyUndated. View of Lennox Terrace showing a woman and two children, believed to be members of the Woodcock family, standing beside a car. The view looks towards Price's Cardigan clothing factory in the background.
[9]Mill Hill, Number 12 (Rothwell)
Mill Hill, Number 12Undated. View shows number 12 Mill Hill at the end of a row. A couple standing outside the door are believed to be members of the Woodcock Family, possibly Benjamin and his wife Harriet, who lived there with their family in the early 20th century. According to the 1911 census Benjamin, aged 43, was a coal miner and had five children, Arthur, George, Fred, Frank and Sarah.
[10]Middleton Park, Water Tank (Middleton)
Middleton Park, Water TankUndated. This stone structure sits alongside the track which runs from the main gates of Middleton Park, as it nears the Rose Garden. Although the perspective here gives the impression of it being rectangular in shape, it is actually square. Visible access via the small hole on the right indicates that there is a breeze-block inner wall. It is understood that the building contains a huge rubber-lined, galvanised steel tank from which water was once automatically pumped to sprinklers at various points on the now de-commissioned Middleton Park Municipal Golf Course. Image and information courtesy of Graham A. Schofield.
[11]Yeadon White Rose AFC, team photograph 1920-21 (Yeadon)
Yeadon White Rose AFC, team photograph 1920-21c1920-21. View shows Yeadon White Rose AFC's team for the 1920-21 season, pictured outside a public house, possibly the Robin Hood on The Green.
[12]Henshaw Lane, looking towards railway bridge (Yeadon)
Henshaw Lane, looking towards railway bridgeUndated. View lookin north-east along Henshaw Lane towards the railway bridge and beyond, probably taken around the early 2oth century. The Station Inn is on the right, the landlord at the time being William Smith, who is is listed as a beer retailer at Henshaw Lane in a 1907 directory.
[13]Yeadon Tarn, landing stage (Yeadon)
Yeadon Tarn, landing stageUndated. View of Yeadon Tarn, showing the landing stage in the foreground.
[14]Oil Mill Beck, upstream view. (Horsforth)
Oil Mill Beck, upstream view.August 2014. An upstream view of the lower weir of Oil Mill Beck at the former Brookfoot soap works. In a directory for 1908, Thomas Bentley & Son is listed as a soap manufacturer here.
[15]Oil Mill Beck, the Lower Weir (Horsforth)
Oil Mill Beck, the Lower WeirAugust 2014. View of the lower weir that oxygenates the Oil Mill Beck which runs behind the former Brookfoot soap works. Here, the water level is up about two or three inches. Normally the water only travels over a small part of this weir. It was a popular location for trout fishing at one time. The 1908 Directory of the West Riding of Yorkshire lists Thomas Bentley & Son as soap manufacturers at Brookfoot Mills.
[16]Oil Mill Beck, Upper Weir at Brookfoot (Horsforth)
Oil Mill Beck, Upper Weir at BrookfootAugust 2014. View of the upper weir on Oil Mill Beck which runs adjacent to the former Brookfoot Soap Works. It is not in its original state as repairs have been made with concrete here and there over the years. Thomas Bentley & Son are listed as soap manufacturers at brookfoot mills in a directory for the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1908.
[17]Tour de France 2014, Murals by students of Prince Henry's Grammar School (Otley)
Tour de France 2014, Murals by students of Prince Henry5th July 2014. Photograph taken on the day of the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. It shows 'Banksy' style murals created by Year 10 and Sixth Form students of the Prince Henry's Grammar School. They were designed to cover hoardings in front of the vacant former Summercross publi house in East Busk Lane which has been boarded up since 2009. Shane Green, Head of Art at Prince Henry's also contributed by painting a huge cyclist on the exterior wall of the pub with the help of his friend, cyclist Steve Bottomley. The idea to approach the school for the artwork came form the landlord of the Junction Inn, Tony Grey, who also provided the materials and scaffolding needed to carry out the work.
[18]Wintry Scene taken from Outwood Lane (Horsforth)
Wintry Scene taken from Outwood LaneJanuary 2009. Wintry Scene taken from Outwood Lane and showing snow covered fields where horses are kept.
[19]Oil Mill Beck from the footbridge (Horsforth)
Oil Mill Beck from the footbridgeAugust 2014. View upstream from the footbridge which crosses Oil Mill Beck. The footpath runs down the side of the former Brookfoot soap mill. In the early twentieth centuryr the soap manufacturers here were Thomas Bentley & Son (Directory of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1908).
[20]Eccup Reservoir, view through the trees (Eccup)
Eccup Reservoir, view through the treesAugust 2017. View through the trees near Eccup Reservoir. Much timber was taken out of the wood in 2009 and 2010 leaving bare ground, Since then an abundance of bushes and wild flowers have grown.