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[1]The Hampton Public House (Richmond Hill)
The Hampton Public HouseUndated. View shows The Hampton public house on Long Close Lane, off Upper Accommodation Road, and at the junction with Hampton Terrace. In the mid 1970s some of the surrounding houses were demolished, but The Hampton was saved from demolition. It has now been converted to houses, and stands next to Hampton Crescent housing to the south, and Richmond Hill Community Centre to the north.
[2]Fisherman's Hut public house (Richmond Hill)
FishermanUndated. Image shows the Fisherman's Hut public house, at the junction of Cross Green lane and Ellerby Lane. It closed around 2006, and was used for a time as offices for developers working in the area. It is currently under development. A date of 1929 can be seen at the top of the building.
[3]Coronation Celebrations, Copperfield Avenue (Cross Green)
Coronation Celebrations, Copperfield Avenue2nd June 1953. View shows bunting across the street, and a giant crown, above Copperfield Avenue, off Cross Green Lane, during celebrations for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Houses on Copperfield View can be seen on the right.
[4]Cavalier Flats, Coronation Celebrations (Richmond Hill)
Cavalier Flats, Coronation Celebrations2nd June 1953. Image shows the flats at Cavalier House, between East Street and Bow Street, decorated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 1953. The flats were demolished after 1993 during road upgrading work on East street, but to keep the community that lived there together, the residents were re-housed in 36 new flats built less than a mile away on Easy Road.
[5]Cavalier public house, Morpeth Place (Richmond Hill)
Cavalier public house, Morpeth PlaceUndated. Image shows the Cavalier public house at Morpeth Place, Ellerby Road, next to St Saviour's Church, and opposite Mount St Mary's Catholic High School. The pub closed in late 2015, and was demolished some time before May 2018.
[6]Coronation Celebrations, 1953 (Cross Green)
Coronation Celebrations, 19532nd June 1953. Image shows a large model of a crown being pulled into place during preparations for the celebrations for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 2nd June 1953. The view look south-east to the junction with Copperfield View, and over fields towards Pontefract Lane. The lettering strung across the street probably reads "God Save The Queen".
[7]Coal Seam, East Street (Richmond Hill)
Coal Seam, East StreetUndated. View shows a coal seam exposed during excavation and building works post 2000 on the area between East Street and Ellerby Road, on he site of the Black Dog Inn and Black Dog Mills. st Saviour's Church can be seen at the top left. The area is now occupied by the new housing on Bouverie Court, to the east, and by open space to the left.
[8]York Road Library - back view (Richmond Hill)
York Road Library - back viewUndated. Back view of the former York Road library at the junction of York Road and All Saint's Terrace, taken whilst derelict. The Grade 2 listed building opened in 1904, and operated as a library until 1940, after which it was occupied by the Social Welfare Department until 1948. From then until 1985 it housed the Leeds City Council Library Headquarters, which later moved to another building further along York Road. This left the top floor occupied by the binding department until the 1990s, when the building became vacant. In 2008 the building, which had become dilapidated, was advertised for auction, and finally, in 2017/18 has been converted to a gym.
[9]Waddingtons Sports Field (Stourton)
Waddingtons Sports Fieldc1960s. Image shows a game of cricket taking place on the sports field for staff at John Waddington's printing factory, off Wakefield Road, Thwaite Gate. The view looks north-east, and the cooling towers of Skelton Grange Power Station can be seen above the rooftops. Waddingtons printing factory was founded in the 1890s and was well known for producing playing cards, theatre bills and board games, especially Monopoly. The factory was demolished around 1992, and the area is now occupied by the first direct banking headquarters and call centre.
[10]Low Lane, from St. James Terrace (Horsforth)
Low Lane, from St. James TerraceUndated. A view of Low Lane from the junction with St. James Terrace. On the left are the grounds of The Horsforth Centre, a group of independent practitioners and therapists providing counselling, coaching and psychotherapy services. The crane in the background is being used to construct offices on the site of a former car sales garage.
[11]Ring Road Horsforth, looking towards Woodside Roundabout (Horsforth)
Ring Road Horsforth, looking towards Woodside RoundaboutApril 2010. View looking along Ring Road Horsforth to the Woodside Roundabout. The white building in the centre is Woodside Stores at the junction with Low Lane. Newly built houses on Knoll Wood Park can be seen in the background.
[12]Ring Road Horsforth, railway bridge (Horsforth)
Ring Road Horsforth, railway bridge2010. View of Ring Road Horsforth, looking east through the railway bridge, with the high-rise flats of Clayton Court (left) and Clayton Grange visible beyond.
[13]Low Lane, Shashlik restaurant (Horsforth)
Low Lane, Shashlik restaurantAug 2014. View of Shashlik Indian food bar on Low Lane.
[14]Ring Road Horsforth, Woodside Roundabout (Horsforth)
Ring Road Horsforth, Woodside Roundabout2010. View of Ring Road Horsforth looking towards Woodside Roundabout, with Broadway (a continuation of the Ring Road) ahead and Low Lane to the left and right. Petrol at the Shell station on the left is selling at 117 pence a litre. On the right is the car park of the Woodside Free House and Carvery.
[15]Low Lane, Enterprise House (Horsforth)
Low Lane, Enterprise HouseAug 2014. View of Hank Marvins café on Low Lane, situated on the ground floor of Enterprise House, which has serviced offices to let on the upper floor. To the left is no. 247 Low Lane at the edge of a row of terraced houses.
[16]Woodside Fisheries, Low Lane (Horsforth)
Woodside Fisheries, Low LaneSummer 2014. View of Woodside Fisheries. This fish and chip shop has been here for a great many years on the junction of Springfield Mount and Low Lane. Houses follow to the right in descending order from 272 Low Lane.
[17]Low Lane, Woodside Roundabout (Horsforth)
Low Lane, Woodside Roundabout2010. Image shows Woodside roundabout, where Low Lane (foreground) crosses the Ring Road (running from left to right, and known as Broadway on the right). The view looks south towards Hawksworth.
[18]Clayton Woods, railway tunnel (Horsforth)
Clayton Woods, railway tunnelUndated. View shows the railway tunnel in Clayton Woods. This view is looking towards the former Brigg's Quarry, and the Ring Road is off the picture on the photographers’ right hand side.
[19]Low Lane, Woodside Roundabout (Horsforth)
Low Lane, Woodside Roundabout2010. View of the Woodside roundabout, seen from Low Lane with Ring Road Horsforth off to the left. Behind the petrol station on the right is the top of the MHG (Music Hire Group) building, formerly Horsforth Mill. The new builds in the centre (Cornmill View) are on the site of the old 'Dickies' scrapyard. The Woodside Free House and Carvery is off the picture to the left.
[20]Ring Road Horsforth, detached house (Horsforth)
Ring Road Horsforth, detached house 2014. View of a large detached house on Ring Road Horsforth, situated just to the west of the railway line. Behind the house is the site of the former Apex Quarry. A metal bollard in the foreground blocks vehicular access into Clayton Woods.